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Citi Entertainment Network

Dance and Music Academy

Citi Entertainment Network

Acting Academy

Citi Entertainment Network

Acting Academy

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Western Dance

We provide all type of choreography like marriages, functions, auditions etc. Get your own music or allow us to choose one to suit your needs.

Indian Classical

Indian classical dances are performed inside the sanctum of the temple according to the rituals called Agama Nartanam.


Hindustani Classical or Indian Classical or Bhartiya Shastriya Sangeet is one of the oldest form of music. The roots start from Vedic rituals, chants and Mantras.


Initial forms of Guitar is assumed to be first used in Europe around 12th Century. It is one of the most popular musical instruments, primarily originated in western music world

About Us

North India's No. 1 Dancing and Music Academy

Citi Entertainment and Network Premier institution where  masters of various performing arts impart training in streams of ACTING, DANCING, SINGING, MODELLING, IMAGE GROOMING and Karate (Available only at Chandigarh ).

Citi Entertainment Network a Academy that aims to put you in prime focus and gave your way to stardom! The Indian Film and Television industries have long desired a place where, in an integrated manner, they can source talent – actors, dancers, and singers. We aim to fill this specific void.

A framework of Training that is totally Job-oriented with highly experienced Faculty as well as a line-up of Master Classes from the best in the Industry Top-notch infrastructure and state-of-the-art equipment. We enjoy tremendous goodwill in Films & TV and on that strength, creates a most-needed bridge between the Talent and the Industry. An Academy that never washes its hands off its students once the Training is over – instead, it continues to guide them to success in their particular spheres. We are dedicated and committed, in every sense, to fulfilling our vision and the mission we are committed to

What we Serve

We understand what you are working for...



Acting is merely pretending to be someone else, then anyone can do it.As a matter of fact we all do it – every day. Seriously,



Dance teachers for CEN Dance and Music Academy are professionals in their own filed with creative minds



In Singing everything depends on Reyass. CEN Dance and Music Academy provide many courses in singing



Modeling, which is also called observational learning or imitation, is a behaviorally based procedure that involves the use of live or symbolic models



Karate may be defined as a weaponless means of self defense. It consists of dynamic offensive and defensive techniques



Music is a collection of coordinated sound or sounds. Making music is the process of putting sounds and tones

Why Choose Us

Our Aim is to provide a plateform for your Talent

Strong Foundation

Our Professional, Practical, curriculum has been designed by Mr. Professional which has been throughly updated by time. The course helps build up a strong foundation for the students.

Exciting Placements

We launched our many students and gave them chance to make their future bright. We also have tigh ups with many production companies.

Artistic Student Films

Lots of Artistic Films has been held by us and many Live shoes also shoot with our own talented students.

Practical Courses

Our Practical Courses comprise of enactments, Skills, Dance technical Exercise, Anchoring Dummy Auditions and professionals Portfolios making it one of the most exciting media course in India.

Creative Environment

Citi Entertainment Network provides a most creative environment from the states of Art, Music, Dance, Acting and Karate.

Specialist Mentors

Citi Entertainment and Network's Mentor and visiting industry experts who are professionally achievers in their respective fields.



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098554 43352
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