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CEN Dance and Music Academy


Dance Courses


A Step Above Dance & Music Academy offers many levels of Hip Hop which are based on age, technique ability, and the director’s recommendation.  All of our hip hop classes are invited to perform in our annual Spring Performance. 


Lyrical dance is a fusion of ballet, modern, and jazz dance techniques.  Lyrical dance inspires dancers to use movement to interpret music and express emotion rather than have a more presentational quality.  A song’s lyrics are the driving force and key inspiration for the movement.


Classical dance is an Indian dance form. It is very famous form of dance and people are gaining interest about this. Other countries has started this form of dance to support the concept Indians have regarding this particular form of dance.


Learn modern contemporary dance from the best-known dance academy of India. CEN Dance and Music academy based in Chandigarh offer you with a best blend of Modern, Classical, Ballet, Jazz along with non-western dance features. Contemporary dance acknowledged through its strong footwork, swift torso movements, ballet leaps, various rhythms and directions and smooth body line.


The moment we utter the word “Bollywood Dance”; it takes us to the vivid world of Indian Cinema to experience the beauty of the incorporation of several dance forms of different origins. Needless to say that “Bollywood Dance” is among the most liked dance form across the world.

Music Courses

CEN Dance and Music Academy specialises in taking an open minded view of music and education. Most forms of popular music have shared roots so to study one style at the expense of another makes little sense. Increasingly, musicians are required to be multi-skilled not just as great players or writers but equally as arrangers, producers, micro-businesses and entrepreneurs. The world of music has changed and will continue to do so. CEN Dance and Music Academy understands this and has positioned itself to offer its students an education that is relevant to today and to the future.


The Guitar is a six-stringed musical instrument which is widely popular among the youth and almost everybody has desired to play the Guitar at some point in their lives. It’s considered as one of the coolest musical instrument to learn, mostly because it is recognized as a primary instrument in blues, country, jazz, metal, pop and many forms of rock music genres


The Piano is an acoustic and stringed musical instrument, made immensely popular by geniuses like Chopin and Beethoven. The symphony created by this musical instrument is simply mesmerizing and breathtaking. Learning Piano from an early age helps develop a child’s ability in critical thinking and creativity, and one can take piano lessons at any age


Violin also known as a Fiddle, is a prominent musical instrument in the Western Classical tradition. It is also a popular musical instrument in many non-western cultures like Iranian and Indian music. It’s a musical instrument that radiates class, virtuosity and evokes sentiments to a deeper level

Karate Courses

Karate is a Japanese martial art whose physical aspects seek the development of defensive and counterattacking body movements.  The themes of traditional karate training are fighting and self-defense, though its mental and moral aspects target the overall improvement of the individual.  This is facilitated by the discipline and persistent effort required in training.   We offer you the most exciting, thrilling and life-shaping journey through CEN Academy. Along with intense workouts, we teach you discipline, meditation, self-defense for getting the most of life physically, mentally, spiritually. At Extreme Martial Arts Academy, we hammer out to set new rules to get you supreme self-confidence, self-esteem, experience weight loss, improves focus and makes you a person of great morals and values.

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